Love is Patient, Love is Kind

September 8, 2011
By Lauren818 SILVER, Sagamore Hills, Ohio
Lauren818 SILVER, Sagamore Hills, Ohio
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Pay attention to the ordinary momenets. Open your eyes. Because you never know when something ordinary becomes extraordinary. Because the moments that take your breathe away are the moments that save your life

Riddle me this...why do people in this world stress over finding true love so much (as if being single is far worse than, oh I don't know, cancer, or terrorism)? Just because someone hasn't been in a relationship in a while doesn't mean they're miserable. Not that I'm bitter about love or anything, I just think that people today have turned into what they can get out of the relationship, instead of what they can give to someone else. The thing that I believe they're forgetting is that love can't be forced ~ it's supposed to happen naturally when you're meant to be with someone. They'll end up being your best friend, your other half. So stop trying to force yourself on another person. People tell me that "good things take time". That might be true, but in reality, great things happen in the blink of an eye. So to all those people who are so obsessed with finding that "match made in heaven"...who the hell cares? Be dangerous while you can. Dance until you can't anymore. One day you'll find someone to love. But while you're single, get silly.

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