Scars will Fade

September 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes life can throw curveballs. The moments move so fast they wiz past you until they stop and land in the catcher’s mitt. It could be anything. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes they are amazing things. You get a 100% on a test you thought you were going to fail. You get exactly what you hoped for on your birthday. You find out that the person you like likes you back. But other times it can be devastating. A person you love has cancer. They get up and leave you without saying anything. They pass away. Those surprises are the worst. They are the kind of moments that damage your interior. A gaping wound, or a jagged scar develops after the sadness and hurt you have felt. The memory leaves you breathless, like all the air has been forced out of you. You remember. Hatred for what changed. Sadness for not trying to stop it. Hurt because it happened. This event changes you. It makes you feel weak, vulnerable, helpless. You feel your whole world crashing down on top of you until your broken. An empty shell of what was.
Stop. Think. Remember. You are here for a reason. Don’t let the sadness and fear control you. To the girl whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, stop crying. Get up and lend her your strength. She’s going to need it for the tough times that lie ahead. To the guy whose dad walked out on him, stop breaking yourself apart. You are not to blame for what he did, even if it seems that way. Show him that you don’t need him. Wear that smile on your face with strength and force him to see the confidence radiating out of you like heat from the vents. To the friend who has experienced the loss of family, it’s ok to show tears. It’s ok to let the salty drops mark your face. But you have to realize all you can do is have the faith to go on. Get up and begin to move again. Find that source of strength within you. Everyone has it. This source of unbridled power, is what keeps us moving through life. Let it surge. Let it overflow from you. Helping you. Fixing you.
You can’t be promised that it won’t create that mental scar. That is impossible because it will. But scars fade and heal. They won’t always be a fresh reminder. They grow with you. And soon will almost disappear. Remember you have the strength. You will be surprised to see how much you can trust yourself.

The author's comments:
Written in honor of several amazing friends who have been hit by some hard times in their lives. I hope it will always turn for the better no matter what the situation :)

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on Sep. 19 2011 at 2:41 pm
withlovefromccg BRONZE, ????, Maryland
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I'm really happy to hear that! I hope everything will be ok and that your mom can keep enjoying life with you :) Luckily the woman in this article did beat breast cancer and is doing fine! Modern Medicene is a miracle huh?? 

on Sep. 12 2011 at 6:29 pm
nolongerinuse SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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Chinese medicine has a cure for breast cancer. My mother had it twice and drank this really nasty tea both times every day for a month or two, and both times the ancer dissapeared entirely. It hasn't ever come back since.

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