My First Love

August 26, 2011
By Anonymous

IT all started in a cloudy day it was December the first i was really happy that school had ended .The guy i like and had never meet was ensues to meet me i was more my heart pumped immensely is i walked to the front of my school gym . unfortunately i search and search bout he wasent there . My heart was sad and my face full of tears i thought maybe he wasent ready to see me so then i waited for the bus bout it seemed it had already left so i had to walk down the rode it took like tow hours to get home and it was cold an lonely around the streets .The i got a call from that mysteries guy i never saw that day .HE told me to meet him at a near bye store called la Bodega so i walked nerves and full of joy asi i got there i saw a hansom boy with a hoody on and with a big smile on his face he told me to approach him so i did he the pull me and gave me a big hug i was happy of meting him the i told him to go with me pick up my little sister since i remember i had to do that. So when we got to my little sisters school i relies it was also time to present him to my parent i got nerves and ensues the when we got to my house i presented him to my parents it seemed they had liked him wish was good . After that i new he was the right one and i loved him immensely with all my heart i new he was my first and onely love that i would stay with him for ever .

The author's comments:
i describe my life and experience about my first love .

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