Same Sex Marriage

August 12, 2011
By Francie Gabbey BRONZE, Estacada, Oregon
Francie Gabbey BRONZE, Estacada, Oregon
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Same sex marriage some people are fine with the concept of a man, and a man or a woman, and a woman getting married, other people think it is wrong and they disagree with the same sex to wed. My opinion is, I agree with same sex marriage, because why should anyone judge on how other people live their lives or who they fall in love with. Most people think it’s wrong and a sin to fall in love with the same sex, but ishouldn't’t matter who we fall in love with as long as we are happy. Fifty-one percent of the United States says ishouldn't’t be legal for gay marriage, while Forty-six percent think shouldd be legalized. With that poll you see the statics behind this. Just, because you don’t like the way some one lives their lives and who they love why you should ruin that for them. Most of the people reading are probably thinking to themselves, “Why is a fifteen year old telling us how to judge people and what to think.” Have you ever sat down and thought about what Gay men, and women lives are like? Gays that come out to everyone about their sexuality at an early age most likely end up being bullied in school, and outside of school. With bully’s Might bring conflict in the Gay’s life such as physical harassment, harm on theirselfs or even death. Gays have to live with bullies and harassment their whole lives, so why not let them be happy, and let them marry the same sex. Not allowing same sex marriage is hurting a lot of people in the process. Even if you’re not fully okay with same sex marriage you should think deeply about the pain you’re causing other people. Most people know at least some one gay weather if it is a family member, close friend, someone at you’re work, or someone in your community. If you do know someone that is Gay and you’re not okay with same sex marriage you should re-think the harm you’re putting on others. Their still the same people we are they just fell in love with the same sex. Hopefully this changed your opinion on same sex marriage and why shouldd be legal.

The author's comments:
The reason i wrote this is because i know alot of gay people and it isn't the right thing to not let them wed. hopefully people will understand why it should be legal for the same sexes to get married

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