we only say good bye to meet again

July 28, 2011
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We promised him not to say good bye...we failed. A year ago, I took part in an English program. When I did I had no idea that a year later I’ll feel sad because of leaving people I love. Life is experiences. Some are nice others painful but all teach us something. What I learned from mine is that time tightens relationships, it goes fast and when it comes to say good bye it hurts. Within this year I met wonderful people, nice, brilliant, funny, sensitive...amazing. I’ll never forget my first day with them. At that time I didn’t really think about the end of our adventure. We had an amazing teacher...actually they were two. The first one is Souad.the soft and nice Souad; i knew her before but living this experience with her was one of the best things ever that happened to me. She taught me so much, encouraged me, helped me, and supported me just like a sister or others might say a mother. The second one is Fethi. The serious and curiously funny Fethi. A very good and open minded teacher as helpful as possible and so funny!! Of course there are the students. The best people I ever met. I didn’t get on with some of them because of my back ground but later on respect and friendship made us good and loving friends. Each one was is so different; to one who’s shy, the snailish one! The movie addicted! The one who love perfumes, the hard working ...they are so different and similar at the same time. What makes them different? Their way of thinking, their interests, their behaviour ... but what makes them all similar, united...is love. Love gathered us all teachers and students, girls and boys, serious and funny; it made us a family, a one and single beating heart, a same person.
We promised Fethi not to say good bye the last day of our program... we failed. The same heart was divided tears got shed and feelings came out but we are still united, yes saying good bye broke us a bit but it reminded us that we are still together where ever we go where ever we are because we became a family, we are one person...ONE heart. The beatings of that heart will gather us, and then we’ll meet again, because we only say good bye to say hello again, we only part to meet again.

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