definitions of L.O.V.E

July 6, 2011
By rutuhitu SILVER, Thane, Indiana
rutuhitu SILVER, Thane, Indiana
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live life kingsize

When i was 9 in English class my teacher told us a story about a spoiled rich boy who would never listen to his parents well i wont go into the details because its pretty long but one fine day he dies and before that he wishes to tell his parents how much he loves them.the moral that she told us was always let the person know that you love himher.i went home and starting telling everyone that i loved first mom and dad were happy but it became a problem when one fine morning i said that to the milkman.when your a child its just an alien word that is said and followed by a hug or a kiss in COMPLICATIONS.just a simple word.then slowly as i grew up the you was replaced by him,myself,my mom,my dad 1st serious crush on someone turned out to be a dynamite for my then fatal self-respect,but slowly i actually started getting a hang of the difference between love and lust.still love is a mystery for me but being a psychology student i concluded every body's definition of love is different.for example i have an uncle and aunt who fight like they were born to throw things at each other.when i went to stay with them at one point i was terrified when i saw them fight like they did but then the next moment they were all hugs and kisses.that's when i saw a live version of rihanna and eminem's love the way you lie.then there are couples who are so super-normal that they share duties at home,don't talk much,are extremely serious with them you feel like your living in a monastery.but still i automatically know that love enjoy being boring as long as they are is not even close to what they show in movies where after problems the all too beautiful girl meets the all too handsome guy in fact in reality its all about Imperfection' i grew up at 13 LOVE=CRAP was the only mathematical formula i knew because of again a 5 letter word CRUSH.and at 15 i was confused between love and LUST.Now I'm going to turn 18 love is definition may until i get to the stage where my love becomes my life i will always say that i love my life.and the first thing you need to do before you start loving anyone else is love yourself for whoever you are.that's when you'll see the beauty of this Oscar Wilde quoted“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long whats your definition?

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