I think of you.

July 5, 2011
By CarolineF. DIAMOND, Yanceyville, North Carolina
CarolineF. DIAMOND, Yanceyville, North Carolina
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\"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever par

I think of you more than anything else. Your the thing that's on my mind all the time. It takes my focus away from things. Some times I think it is worth it and some times I wish your were not there. I think about moving all the time just so I can be aways from you and I will not have to see you, but then i remember you can not run from your problems. No matter where I move you will always be in my mind. I can't stop thinking of you no matter what. I tey thinking of other guys, but I always come back to you. For some reason there is something about you that I just don't want to let go of. I could stop talking to you, but it doesn't work I tried and it made me think of you more and more. I can't stand it some times. Only if you knew what I'm feeling than maybe you would show how you are feeling or just tell me or even give me a hint.

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