Dear Andrew

July 5, 2011
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Dear Andrew,
I know this is kinda weird well for me it is. I have something very important that I need to tell you. I've talked to about this times before and I know you don't wish for a girlfriend but that's not what I desire to know. I just want to tell you how I feel and see how you respond. I like everything about you and everything you stand for. You are sweet, you listen to me even though you probably don't care, you are honest, you speak you opinion, I can trust you with almost anything, your smart, you look at what you do and how it could effect you future, you know just what to say to make my day better, and your a wonderful guy and any gal on this earth would be darn lucky to have you. My real question is do you feel anything for me. Don't think I want to date you because I respect your chooses and values. I've wanted to talk to you some many times about this but I never had the guts to I'm just to shy and nervous of loosing a good friend. I just want to know cause I'm kinda course even though it probably no so yeah..........

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