The Three Stages Of Love For A Girl

June 30, 2011
It’s funny how people always talk about finding the perfect guy. Always hoping it’s someone famous or a prince. It’s sad how girls hope to be the next Kate Middleton thinking a mysterious prince will sweep them off their feet and take them to a castle and live happily ever after. People always expect. I was the same. Yes I’ll admit I hoped that I would be the future Mrs. Taylor Lautner never really having any problems to face in the world. Well like every girl I later learned that heartbreaks come and goes just like “love”. People throw that word around all the time whether they mean it or not. “I love you”. The phrase we say even if it’s not true. But there is always a difference with the phrase “I love you”. There’s the version we say when we love them but aren’t exactly in love with the person yet. Then the one where you’re so deeply in love with a person you’re not sure those words can ever show your love. It’s funny how as girls go through different stages of life and these three stages all involve 3 little words. As kids and young adults we go the “Happily Ever After” stage where we grow up hoping that the first guy we fall for will be out prince charming and again sweep us off our feet. Girls we need to understand that we mature much faster than our “Prince Charming”. When we’re busy hoping to grow up and find love…they’re still thinking we have cooties and also thinking we have some kind of gnome down there. I know it’s silly of putting it that way but, it’s true the whole cooties story lasts forever to a guy. It never really stops until seventh grade. Sure people start “dating” in sixth but, come on that’s not real the most you really do is walk each other to class. This is known as puppy love cute but never serious. By the time you reach high school love never agrees with you. This is the “I Hate You” stage. Now I know some people meet their true love in high school. Maybe you’re not that girl who gets it but you will one day. Whether you’re going into high school, you are in high school, or you’ve already graduated love is the one you can agree on. It can be something you look forward to. To something you think sucks. To the most amazing thing you can ever experience. But a good 90 percent of your feelings on love is going to that it sucks…majorly. Believe me I’ve had my share of heartbreaks. I know in high school you fall in love with the idea of love but…sometimes you need to realize that it’s not all it’s been known to be. Guys will say anything to get a girl and girls will almost do anything to get a guy to say those things. But girls please be careful don’t let these pick-up lines control your every decision. The reason I say that is because in high school…well guys can do anything or say anything and be praised for it. Yet if a rumor about a girl goes around and it’s a little provocative the only thing people will think about you is “Slut” and “Whore”. Again I know what it’s like and I haven’t even done anything yet. This may be about love but it’s also to help girls from mistakes that are commonly made. Please be smart don’t let the idea of love ruin any opportunities you looked forward to. Going to your dream college can easily be changed if grades drop because you’re talking to a boy all night. Any career you hope to pursue can change in an instant if you get pregnant as a teen. Why do I bring up pregnancy? That small mistake can lead to no college, no career. Remember high school love is brutal! You need to look out for yourself and always remember that guys are self-absorbed hormone driven pigs! This stage continues up until your twenties maybe if you’re lucky…sometimes it can last forever and if it does. Well people refer to you as a cat lady. The last stage is after college and once you’ve started your career. The “I Love You” stage. This stage can make you experience feelings you never thought you’d get to see, true love. Yes I’m using that word now. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I do believe in it. So girls this is the chance you want to discover real love not teen love. The person you meet in this stage will treat you with respect and love. I know you probably want to date as much as you want before you settle down, which is fine. But just remember the consequences of all the hormones going through your body at that time. The magical thing about this stage is it can last until you die. Experience: love and happiness then because it means so much more. The love here is much longer and full of memories you’ll never want to forget. The three stages are there yet so little people realize the effect they have on their live. What’s funny is each stage has a snowball effect and no one notices it. The first stage sets girls up for disappointment by making them expect so much at such a young age. The second stage can control you so much that you can’t make a simple decision without thinking of it first. Finally the last stage makes everything worth it. All the: mistakes and heartbreak. This snowball effect slips past us without making a sound, yet leaves such a huge impact. Again girls think about everything and whether you’re ready. Sure love sounds amazing but, it’s worth it to wait. I’m not saying don’t date. I’m saying: don’t wait for it to control you. Take control of your life before you’re hit by it. Mistakes are a part of your life and you can’t erase them. It’s up to you how you handle them though because a simple hesitation. It sets everything in motion. That is the three stages. They may be depressing but that’s life. It’s not a fairytale it’s reality. We all have a story. The question is: are you going to be the one to write it?

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dona said...
Jul. 14, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Very adult!  Loved the article.


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