Twilight Messes With You

June 4, 2011
By , Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Yeah, that's right. I said what no one else online here is willing to say. The twilight books mess with your head and leave you feeling alone, depressed and in need of love. I've gone through this myself and so have two of my friends, or at least what i thought were my friends. First example: Maggie was a regular outgoing funny girl and everyone loved her. She fell for the bad boy and he encouraged her to read twilight. she read the entire series and afterwards gave her entire self to him. All he gave her in return was a broken heart and she destroyed other relationships in the process of making herself exclusive with him.
Sara was a all out awesome athlete and everybody loved her stories but after reading the book, the latent suicidal tendencies came up. she didnt depend on anyone but her best friend angela and angela just left her at the end of the summer.
The dependency that these books cause is very harmful to girls my age. it takes the most powerful, potentially great girls and turns them into submissive and groveling girls just starving for attention. this is the new kind of anorexia, the one that no one is talking about because they dont even know what's causing their problems. it's these books and how it exacerbates the human need for companionship. unfortunately it does not do this in a healthy way. it makes the poor girl dependent on only one person and willing to do anything for them. This leads to increased cutting among teenage girls.
Let me explain why. There are no evil vampires to defend our loves from. we learn from the book that Bella was often times defending Edward from herself. The only enemy girls can come up with nowadays is them selves. this leads to self conciousness so severe it turns into self loathing for no reason.
Please help me make others understand that it isnt healthy.

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JoPepper said...
Jun. 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm
I sort of agree with you.  You had a few grammatical errors.  I can see where you're coming from,  and personally I kind of like the books but I do think that Bella is way too dependant on Edward. :D  Good job!!!!
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