Love Sick Teens

May 15, 2011
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A lot of teenagers are forever writing articles about if we teens can experience love.Aside from the fact that seeing the same article done over and over again is a little boring, it's also not a very good question. Of course we teens can experience love! I don't understand how the older generations don't think we can. Many teens have had a first love interest at 13. I had my first love interest between 12 and 13 and that relationship lasted a really long time. I don't know if maybe when people write these non original articles they have just broken up with someone or they are love sick but seriously write about something different PLEASE. Also who ever says that teens are not emotionally mature to know what love is they are wrong! of-course alot of the time teens maybe are just in is because it's a crush and whats worse is some people are just in it for the image of having a boy friend/girl friend but you know that could be the same in any age group. My mum and dad met in high school and they're doing alright.

Ok basically I'm saying is i think there is no need for this question because yes you can fall in love in high school, granted it may not last but never the less it's in your high school some where.

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