Young Love

April 29, 2011
By hailey.prainito SILVER, Snellville, Georgia
hailey.prainito SILVER, Snellville, Georgia
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You say we are young, too immature at 14 to know what love is; but we’re not. We know what it means, what is feels like, what it looks like, and how much it hurts when you don’t have it. We know how to confront heart break and deal with endless pain day in and day out; we also know the beauty in love, how the wind can just sweep you away because you are so far on cloud 9, there is no way you are coming down.
We realize that love hurts and when it does, the feeling is worse than being eaten alive by a tiger shark or being shot by a rifle. We know this all to be true, yet we still put ourselves out there.
The definition of love is to give your heart to someone, knowing they can break it, but trusting them enough not to. Some teens, like me, live by this rule. Others think love doesn’t exist, maybe because they have been hurt so many times that they lost all hope, or they never had any hope to begin with. It’s sad to see a loss in hope and love; sometimes, it’s the only thing to keep you grounded.
Don’t think we can’t become heart broken; its just as easy for us as a 24 year old. Age is but a number; its what you feel that truly defines your age. You are only as old as you feel; you are never to young to love

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