If you went picking apples from a tree...

April 28, 2011
By iBOSS BRONZE, Mohnton, Pennsylvania
iBOSS BRONZE, Mohnton, Pennsylvania
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If you went to pick apples from a tree would you pick up the slightly rotten apples on the ground, or climb the tree for the best apples?

The apples on the ground take little time/effort to gather, but don't taste that great. The apples in the tree require time/effort, but taste great.

Which apples would you choose?

Now apply it to a relationship. Would you settle for the cute/pretty one because they are easy to get and require little time/effort, or would you go after what you really desire no matter how much time/effort it takes?

Now if asked again which apples you would choose, does your decision differ from your original thought?

I think that a lot of people (including myself) tend to forget what love and lust is, and how to tell the difference. Forget about popularity for a minute, and forget about what other people think. A lot of relationships and flings end up with one or both people hurt for the wrong reasons. If you're in a relationship, would you be willing to take the time to do something important for the person? Would you continue to be with them (or decide to be with them) if you knew there was not going to be any sex or fooling around involved anytime soon? You don't have to answer or reply to this, it's just a thought that I figured I would share.

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