Define love, define US

May 5, 2011
By michelleTan GOLD, Bandung, Other
michelleTan GOLD, Bandung, Other
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Define love.
According to wikipedia, love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection.
Blah, blah, what-so-ever.
For me, love is love. The cutest feel that made me smile everytime. The most complicated simple thing in this world.

I got to seeing this guy.
Not the most handsome guy in school, nor the smartest. He's just him, and whenever I see him does what he's really into, it's like the coolest thing in the world.

Every single thing become so sweet when it comes to him. My favorite songs that always there in his car. A sweet 'Never Let You Go' singing. My photo in his phone. Even a simplest smile from you, well, I can't get enough of that.

I started to think about him everyday. I started to have that smile in my face when he texts me. A good night from him can make the nicest sweet dream. Suddenly, every little things he does become my reason to smile.

I can't define love.
I think it so much to say about it. It can't be explained. It tasted. Love is US. :)

The author's comments:
For me, love is love. The cutest feel that made me smile everytime...

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