The Consequence of a Lost

April 13, 2011
By clarissa.altum BRONZE, Highland Park, Illinois
clarissa.altum BRONZE, Highland Park, Illinois
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You know that sense of feeling where you've completely lost that special someone. When everything in the world doesn't feel the same. That the everything changed into nothing. The feeling of emptiness, loneliness, sadness lingering in you heart.

The only wish you will ever want now is making everything right, to fix all the mistakes. To make the broken unbroken. Just that one chance. Well multiply that by 100 and that's exactly how I feel.

It was as if a huge piece of me was ripped, torn away from me. It hit me so hard, and at that time I realized how stupid I was that I've really lost you. That there won't be anymore of you. I've lost my best friend forever and I can't ever get him back.

You were such a huge impact in my life. You were part of my life. You have not one clue how much you mean to me. Just realizing that I lost you makes me miss my ultimate best friend in the world so much. I'd give anything to make it back to normal. To stop the fighting and arguing.

I'm truly deeply, seriously, with all what's left of my heart incredibly sorry. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've caused. I'm really sorry.

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