April 14, 2011
By shayla2012 SILVER, Battle Creek, Iowa
shayla2012 SILVER, Battle Creek, Iowa
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Making a perfect baby, is that right or wrong? In my own opinion I think that it would be wrong. What if i do make the “Perfect Baby”, or so i think at the time. And then one day I decide that I don’t like the way my baby looks any more, because i know that i have the power to change the looks of my baby i want to change them. I was always taught that you loved people for who they are, not for what you can make them into, or what you can change them to be.

When a baby starts to grow up they do the cutes little things, they have there own little traits about them. If someone would design there baby to what they want them to be, that person might just think about the looks of the child. So if they forget about all of the cute little things that babies or little kids do, they wouldn’t have those things in there life that would make them smile. They could be missing out on all those cute little moments that come with the joy of having a baby.

If everyone in the world looked and acted the same, what fun would that be. There might not be movie starts, or famous people. Because we would all look the same, and act the same. There would be no personality in the art, clothes, design in a room. It would all just look the same. There might not be those fun colors, funky designs.

When you would go out and start dating there would be almost nothing to learn about each other, because you could be the same. There would be no fun in dating; you wouldn’t get to figure out each other’s likes and dislikes. Or try new things that maybe you don’t like but the other person likes, so you try them just to figure out if you really like that person. To see if this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Your life would be boring; you would be just like everyone else. You could know what your friends are thinking and what they like to do. There would be no verity in your life. It would just be the same old same old. It would be like you are a Mary-go-round, doing the same thing every day. Just going in circles, nothing new happens until it brakes down. Sure it can be fun to ride a Mary-go-round but after awhile of being on it you get sick, or tired of it. Because all you are seeing is the same thing over and over again.

To design your own “Perfect Baby” reminds me of clothing if you look back like 40 years or more you can tell that the fashion has changed. So many other aspects of life have changed too. So what if someone design there “Perfect Baby”, the times are going to change the fashion, what cicitie thinks there child should look like. So then what are you going to do there is no machine that can make your once perfectly designed baby into a perfectly designed toddler or teenager.

When we think about changing the fait of our babys, we have to think is this right for our sons or daughters. Not is this right for us, we aren’t the one that will have to live with the chose’s that you made all day every day. There may be some guilt on our part. But our child would be the one being picked on at school, or being teased at the park. There are lots of things to think about not just is this right for my son or daughter but is his right in general. Would I have wanted my parents to do this to me?

So no I don’t think that is right to design a baby, I believe that the baby you get is the baby that was meant for you. It was made specially for you to help you grow and learn. Maybe you can’t change the features of the child but you can change how they will grow up and act, you just have to teach them right from wrong, and help them grow. You can mold them into what you think they should be. Because when they first start out they depend on you for everything. But eventually there will be a time when they have to go out on there own, when you have to let them go. Then they will be the ones making the decisions for there children. What they believe is right.

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