Such a Thing As Happily Ever After?

April 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes it’s fate. Yeah, that’s what it is. But only sometimes. Those sometimes are what matter though. The single, perfect moment when two people stumble upon each other, and that’s when it begins. Their own story, beginning with a once upon a time, and ending with happily ever after. What caused those two random people to meet? Or was it even random at all? And if it’s not, why do so many others have to wait?

Some people say true love is magical. Fate is that magic, they say. This magic is what brings a “prince” and a “princess” together, even if they aren’t actual royalty at all. Magic. Magic and fate working together to bring together two individuals destined for one another. And then destiny comes into play. Does every single person have a specific destiny? An order that they are meant to fill? I can’t answer that question. No one can. Really, isn’t a happily ever after what everyone yearns for? What they work for? That I do believe. But I can’t make myself believe that a fairytale ending is possible for everyone. Cancer, War, Disease. I’ve never before read about those in a fairytale, but they certainly exist. They most certainly affect everyone on the planet’s lives in one way or another.

Other people, simply, never find their “Prince Charming”. Or maybe they think they do and three years later decide that it’s not really working out. Those people want a fairytale. They want their own completely happy story to tell. But in reality, no story is completely happy. Sure, fairytale’s have their own sadness. Cinderella’s evil step-mother, and step-sisters ruining her life. Snow White is poisoned. Sleeping Beauty is pricked by a needle and falls into a deep sleep. The problem is however, that in each of these stories the princess, by some magical event, overcomes her sadness in ways not possible in real life. Cinderella goes to the ball in a magical pumpkin carriage and later marries the prince. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are awakened by true love’s kiss, which conveniently is the prince’s kiss.

One thing is for sure. The world today is lacking princes. If a girl wants to find her happily ever after, then she will most likely have to try many times before she truly finds it. She will have to overcome heartache, death, and tragedy in humanly possible ways. No magic, no fairy god mothers, no fate. She will be on her own, attempting to discover who she is meant to be and attempting to, at the end of the day, read the words “And they all lived happily ever after.”

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