Does technology make or break love?

April 11, 2011
By Faerie-Dreams BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
Faerie-Dreams BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
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I have had previous 'relationships' in which the only way we communicated was through some kind of technology. I put relationships in inverted commas because I couldn't class them as the proper relationship between two people. After all, isn't a relationship about talking to each other face to face; sharing you feelings to one another and being able to share cuddles and kisses instead of 'xoxo' at the end of each text?

Now, don't get me wrong. These 'relationships' had their good moments. For example, one of the 'relationships' I was in, he wanted to keep it a secret. Well, that was after he finally admitted it to me. He first led me into a guessing game where I would ask him questions and he would answer. Me being me, I figured out it was it was I who he liked quite quickly, but I didn't want to say it just in case I was wrong and end up getting hurt.

There's something about keeping love a secret from your mates at college that's exciting. I can still remember the looks we gave each other, the secret glances that said 'hey' in a flirty but romantic way.

Every time I saw him at college, the more I desired him. I needed his attention. All I wanted was for him to take me away from my mates so it would be just us without no worry of being caught, hold me tight, to tell me that he loved me and kiss me. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Is it still bad if I can still remember the exact time he text me and said 'to be honest, it's you I like'? I used to save his texts and read them every day and every night. I even secretly took a picture of him with the camera on my phone that was on his Facebook profile. I would look at it all the time, hoping that one day he would be mine.

That relationship that was mostly text-based (with some chats on Facebook) ended. Can you guess how he ended that? I bet you can. That was the first time I had ever felt my heart-break. I was absolutely in love with him. He was my life.

Another 'relationship' I was in, I didn't even meet him. I was in my bedroom at my dads house with my step-sister cleaning. I went to look at my phone and I noticed that I had been sent a message on Facebook. So I looked at the message. One of my best mates from school had some 'great news' for me. It turned out, that a guy she knew liked the look of me. He had looked at her profile picture and seen me next to her. The picture was me, her and one of our mates at our school prom. At the time, I had short hair, which he did tell me he liked. I was also single.

Finally, I got talking to this guy and it turned out we got on quite well. We mostly communicated through Facebook. A few texts here and there. I even plucked up the courage one time to call him. I was nervous but I did it. I wanted to know what he sounded like. Messages can tell you something but if you don't know them well, you can't feel them.

He was a talkative person, but if I didn't talk to him for a while he would think I had gone off him and he would moan at me. That was rather annoying. I managed it though, I had always managed to convince him that I did love him, it was just that I was either busy or I didn't have anything to say.

That 'relationship' also ended. Guess how he did it. It was I whoever, who got fed up of his behaviour. One day he wanted just to be friends, the other day he wanted me back. Back and forth it was. I got fed up and so I sent him a message on Facebook telling him how I felt.

I also had one other encounter in which a mate from college used to flirt with me sometimes. There is things he said however which I'm not going to mention on here because of the content. He did tell me that he wanted to take me out on a date but I told him honestly a few days later after I had thought about it, that I didn't like him in that way and that I just wanted to be mates. He was disappointed but he agreed.

Now, technology isn't all that bad. Right now, I'm texting my boyfriend. This boyfriend is actually my boyfriend. We have been dating for just over a month. Although we do talk to each other in person and do the things you do in a relationship like kissing for example, we do text each other a lot. Without texting each other, I wouldn't get to talk to him as much. Communication is one of the keys to a good relationship, right?

So, does technology make or break love? Is it one of the things that makes a relationship work or does it just create something that shouldn't exist as we cannot share it in the same way as being face to face with one another? With me, I'm not to sure. As I have mentioned, the use of just technology alone has left me hurt in some way. But with the relationship I'm in now, it means I get to talk to him when he's not around in person.

Can the modern 21st century teenager survive without technology or have we become glued to this state of existence? A state of existence where technology is a key aspect in the role of falling in love.

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