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April 9, 2011
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Have you ever wanted to change something that happened in the past? Maybe you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush. Maybe you and your best friend now hate each other because of some stupid fight. Perhaps you bombed a test and wished you could go back in time and study more. These are just some of the scenarios that would make a person want to change the past. Of course, time travel hasn't been invented yet, so you're pretty much stuck. Let's use our imaginations and pretend we can snap our fingers our click our heels and 'BAM!', we're in the past. Cool right? But alas, you've been sent back to the very moment that someone tripped you in the cafeteria, sending you and your food flying...right into your crush. Ouch. I bet you wish you could prevent that unfortunate moment. Let's think about this for a second...if you hadn't fallen, you would've never met the person who helped you to your feet and cleaned you up in the bathroom so you were no longer covered in yogurt and mashed potatoes. Who is this hero? Your best friend, of course. You guys would never have hung out on the weekends, secretly bashed teachers, crashed the senior prom, and the list continues on. Now if you hadn't fallen and somehow managed to get your crush to like you, sure, you be in a relationship. That's great. Turns out this guy, he's a real jerk. Oh, there goes THAT relationship. How long did that last? Two weeks? A month? Who did you have to turn to when he broke up with you for the head cheerleader? No one, because you never fell and you never met your best friend.
This, my dear friends, is why you do not want to change the past. Sure, you could save yourself a moment of humiliation and have a meaningless relationship, or you can begin a great friendship, and have an endless amount of memories.
You choose.

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Hover This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 20, 2011 at 12:18 pm

Wow great writing! I would definitely choose to have that friend who cleaned the yogurt off you! I like how this writing is funny, and also sends its point across. Good job!

P.S. Would you mind checking out some of my work?

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