April 3, 2011
By MissPinkShoes GOLD, Mumbai, Other
MissPinkShoes GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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Marriages are made in heaven!!! When people get married it's a union of love , families, different relationships, with the relaxation of gay rights and same sex marriage the society is opening up to the idea of same se marriage, though not fully comfortable with it but they are becoming accepting, yet many people are against it which should not be the case, cause when people interfere in the two people's love and life we are only direspecting one of the pure forms of union that is of love, who people ge married to should be no one's concern as long as they are minding their own business they are also humans after all with different choices, people often look at them in a bad way, as if they did something wrong or are some terrorits out to destruct everyone's brains. Infact same sex marriages should be encourraged, it's cause of the society that this people go under a shell have to give up their love only beacuse the society points fingers to them, with people like Ricky Martin coming out now and having adopted kids with his partner changes the society's views as these people have fans who follow them and if they support such causes only then will the common man learn to accept that there's nothing wrong in same sex marriage and that they have the equal rights to marry with grandeur as do others.

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