The L Word

March 14, 2011

In elementary school, if a boy gave you a crayon, he was your boyfriend. In middle school you dated someone and never spoke to them or even looked at them. It was too embarrassing to even be seen with the opposite sex, boys still had “kooties”. But when we got to high school, the “L” word comes into play.

High school is hard enough, but when relationships come into play it makes things worse. The crush. The one that makes your heart race a million miles a minute and makes you stumble over your words. The butterflies never go away. It’s hard to stay out of the “crush” zone, it happens to us all. When we our crushes walking down the hall ways, it makes us all quiver even in the slightest. Our palms began to sweat and we freeze. Paying attention in class is hard enough but when you put your crush in the same class, it makes it almost impossible!

We have all done it, written down their name 100 times, drawn little hearts and flowers around it, and even figuring out whose last name you would take. We dream about what it would be like, being together all the time, growing old with that person, it’s a perfect world. In our minds anyway. When that one special relationship happens in our lives, we feel great. But we are in high school; we don’t know how to have relationships! We don’t know the first thing about “love”. We see couples who have been dating for let’s say 2 weeks, and they already say “I love you”, well I say no you don’t. We barely know these people in our schools, we may have gone to school with them for years, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Teenagers throw around the “L” word too often and too easily, we don’t really think about what we say before we say it. This is the time when we should listen to our parents when they tell us to think before we speak.

Teenagers make boyfriends and girlfriends too much of their lives, but relationships come and they go. We all get heartbroken, but I think it’s worth it because it makes us stronger, it makes us smarter. We dream and fantasize about the perfect love story, the boy running throw a crowd to get to you, writing “I love you” in the sky, kissing in the rain, and you pouring your heart out for hours for him just to say “you had me at hello”. We need to leave this kind of romance to the movies like The Notebook, and Jerry Maguire. High school is about having fun with your friends and making great memories, relationships are should be the last things are our minds; we have plenty of time for that. Love is a hard concept for many to grasp, it’s hard for adults let alone teenagers.

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annelindy said...
on Apr. 20 2011 at 11:33 am
btw take a look at my article 'dating? not me!' and i'll read your protect your heart one! =) 

annelindy said...
on Apr. 20 2011 at 11:31 am
I totally agree. It's easy for teenagers to get true love and an infautationic (haha new word) crush. They're two separate things--love is always true, crushes only last a few months..or only as long as the feelings are there..then those feelings are switched to the next hottie who comes by. It's a very unhealthy habit.

on Apr. 11 2011 at 10:13 am
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
132 articles 33 photos 483 comments
hey, read my article: Dating? protecting your heart...i agree with this.  the boyfriend thing is just too weird.  at 12,13,14,15 you just don't know how to love someone in that way.


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