Love of Junk Food

March 25, 2011
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Love is like junk food; you want it so badly but once you consume it, it stabs you in the back and makes you fat. I know it’s a weird analogy but, it’s so true. Love is really amazing for that moment you have a grasp on it but then it gets away and your back to being lonely and miserable. You always thought you could trust love, but just like junk food, love isn’t always what it appears to be; inside it’s full of fat and sugar that is absolutely BAD for you.

The analogy is funny because, when we are hurt from love, junk food is the first thing we turn to for comfort. While your stuffing your heart with sugar and twinkys, your next chance for love passes on by. We get so focused on eating away the pain from the past that we don’t even see the love in front of us screaming our name over and over again. Love is so powerful it can change the way you live so dramatically, just as junk food can.

I know your probably thinking I’m crazy for saying all this. I went through this many many many times before. The whole “I love you, but it’s over.” thing coming out of what I thought was the “Love of my life’s” lips , but really he was just getting me ready for the real thing, the real kind of junk food, the kind that you could NEVER give up. He buttered you up and then broke the eggs right over your head, but the eggs and butter are needed to make that delicious cake.

You do everything you can to make him happy, and in the end, he just breaks your heart, but once you mix all the batter, eggs, milk, and butter, bake it, let it cool, and then ice it, you have the perfect cake. You think all the butter and eggs are the things that allow you to breath and move on with life but, butter and eggs alone is gross and bad for you. The final creation is what allows you to breath and move on HAPPILY with life.

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sparkletru14 said...
Apr. 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm
OMG  i know how you feel, i just got out of a relationship like that, and it hurts but like you said,, one day you will get over him.
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