The Board.

March 24, 2011
By cbonco BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
cbonco BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I believe that life can be mapped on a game board. I believe that life is a game. And I believe that I’m loosing it. Our decisions we make are the dice roll, our accomplishments are the extra two squares forward, and the people we meet along colorful path are the chance cards. Like all games, there is start. A simple breath marks the beginning. From there on out, there is three ways to accomplish the formidable board: Luck, risk, or strategy. I, unfortunately, have been playing a very risky game.
In your life, you meet hundreds of people. It only takes a second until their name is added to the memory book, and in a blink the face matching it is forgotten. Most make no impact on our life, just minor stops on our great destination to the end of the board. But the ones that don’t leave right away, the ones that actually stick around, are the greatest chance cards of them all. The simple turn of that card with them on it can change your life completely.
The people I’ve met along my path have permanently set me on a quick journey to the end. And now I’m scared it’s too late to cash in my back four spaces card. My rolls have set me astray, and there’s no coming back.

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