Whats the piont?

February 28, 2011
Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go for every one. The bible said he created someone for every one, but is it really true? Some people go their whole life without ever getting married or having children and most of the people that lived like that were not happy people. Lets also not forget all of the "failed marriages" in the world of today where people either cheated on someone, married for the wrong reasons, married only for money even. Yet here we are in this society some people in America actually call "perfect". There is no such thing. No perfect families, or people, ideas. No perfect relationships. If the entire world was perfect then what would it be like? Where would our society be if everything, including love, relationships, and marriage, was "perfect"? I know that in everyone's deepest soul would want to know where that special someone truly is, but there is no way of truly knowing. Some say that they will come when you least expect it. Others say that they will come when you have finally give up looking for that special someone in the first place, but the truth is our people in our society today, do not just give up anymore on anything they are doing. Some do give up yes, but the majority of the world refuses to give up looking for cures to cancer or looking for that everlasting love. We do not give up so easily today, so how can some people in our fair and glorious world of today, tell us to just give up? How can they say that? I have no idea why they do I assure you, but think about this when you go back to work, or to school or to go home to your families and discuss if there is such a thing as anything being "perfect".

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