Tough Love

February 4, 2011
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Teen relationships are hard. They almost never last and seem to be more trouble than anything else. All of this occurs, because the couple is in the relationship for all the wrong reasons. Most of the time the end result is heart break, rumors and shattered friendships.
Teen girls believe that having a boyfriend will solve all of their problems, that all they need to be happy is a guy to sweep them off of their feet. But in reality that is not what it is like at all. Having a boy/girlfriend is not easy, especially in high school. High school is full of people who love to cause drama by making up rumors about the couple. Jealousy is another huge problem in high school. If you see your boy/girlfriend hugging someone of the opposite sex you tend to get very envious which results in fights.
Television, movies and celebrities play a huge role in teen relationships, because they give teen’s a skewed perception of what a relationship is really like. Young girls grow up watching all of the Disney movies where the girl always gets her prince; from the beginning girls get a false sense of hope. Where in reality, relationships are not perfect, there are many fights and disagreements.
Friends start to drift away because you spend most of your time with your significant other. Sometimes teens rush into relationships for the simple fact they don’t want to be alone anymore. Teens sometimes get together for the popularity aspect, such as cheerleaders and football players. Teen relationships don’t really ever last because you have to work very hard at keeping them. Teenagers just want to have a fun and carefree relationship but they don’t want to put in the hard work to keep them.
I strongly believe that teen relationships do not work out. They are hard work and teens are not willing to put in the effort. Television, movies and celebrities put false images in teenagers minds about what relationships are “supposed” to be like. Teens get in relationships for all the wrong reasons, therefore they don’t last! While in some rare cases, teen relationships do work out, it is not very likely!

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