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Stop the Hate

February 17, 2011
By Anonymous


They seem to be touchy topics here in the United States. Some may even find this particular topic awkward or uncomfortable to discuss. I’m bringing forth this topic as a result of a recent personal experience in realizing how misunderstood, undefined, and discriminated against homo-sexuals really are. It’s such a debatable topic depending on what your view is on the subject.
Lately, I’ve read many articles appearing in the ‘opinion’ section of TeenInk spotlighting others opinions on this. I believe that the point of stating your opinion is for others to not be persuaded by that idea (although they may be if they find the opinion reasonable) but for them to see the topic from someone else’s point of view. I believe the same for homo-sexuality. It’s a personal opinion. It is not encouraged, though it is a lifestyle choice that some individuals live by, and is studied by many. Whether you prefer it, or not prefer the idea, it will forever still exist amongst humans. The idea may not be agreeable to you, or in the laws of your religion. I completely respect God, Christianity, and the Bible, and I also believe and understand that homo-sexuality and religion will always be opposing topics in discussion. My belief is that God created a man and a woman to be together, but I do not believe that God hates homo-sexuality. I believe that God tells us not to live life as a homo-sexual or encourage others to live the lifestyle, but he also tells us that discrimination is not his will either. Let’s imagine for a few seconds that religion did not exist. Life is plain and simple. If religion no longer existed, would humans still discriminate against homo-sexuals? Think about it.
In the mind of gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual individual, they are in love with an individual that is the same sex as them, or they are attracted to both men and women. For those who believe that you can “straighten out” a homo-sexual, it’s not possible. It’s their mindset. It’s what they have chosen. Once again, it’s a personal opinion. Think about the feeling you get when you’re in love. It’s an amazing, warm feeling that humans of all ages experience. Everyone deserves to experience that feeling. Now, imagine that due to a personal issue, you are forbidden to see the one you love. It hurts. If you haven’t experienced that with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, think about how it would feel if you were forbidden to see whoever means the most to you in your life. Keep that feeling in mind. It was Valentine’s Day, and one of my best friends named Aaron and I, were sitting together on the school bus. Aaron is gay. We were both comforting each other because neither of us had our boyfriends to love that day. That day I really thought about what Aaron has to deal with as far as relationships go. We began a conversation about marriage. He stated, “I’m gay, which means that if I wanted to get married when I get older, I’d have to go to Canada to do so.” That disturbed me for more reasons than one. Why does that United States have laws against gay marriage? Those of you who would reply to this question, “Because gay marriage is an abomination”, I think that the idea of laws against gay marriage is an abomination. I want the opinion of the homo-sexuals of the U.S. How does it feel to have to call the one you love, your “partner”? Personally, that would bother me, knowing that the reason I’d have to call the one I love, my “partner” is because there is laws against us being together. I cannot even begin to imagine how painful that would be. That person could be my wife or husband, but because of marriage laws, they are not allowed to. Not allowed to love? That’s breaking laws against nature.
As my best friend Aaron says, “Just because I’m gay, doesn’t mean I’m evil.” Aaron doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him, and I love him for that. America needs to put forth some effort in fixing this discrimination crisis. Discrimination against homo-sexuals is almost just as cruel as racism, and we all know where that led us in America’s history.

The author's comments:
My newest best friend, Aaron, has taught me that discrimination is inhumane, and needs to stop.

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