Rejection Is God's Perfection

February 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Here's a little story..<3

When I was thirteen I was deeply in love with my boyfriend, but he was only in lust with me.

Lust means: basically he just wanted to have sex with me.

I felt so peer pressured to have sex with him, he told me that if i really loved him then i would do anything to make him happy. When he said that my heart dropped because i thought he was right. So I had sex with him, the same exact day he told me never to talk to him again. He told all of his friends what I looked like Naked, and what we had done. I felt used and disgusting. I cried for about a month, I was scared to show my face at school, knowing everyone knew what we had done.

My advice:

The truth is that if A guy really loves you, he would never ask you to do something you were completely UN-comfortable with. Please keep my story in your head because we were together for 2 years and then he ended our relationship with the snap of his fingers with no problem. I know how scary it is to love somebody and you just don't want to loose them, but in reality if hes asking you for sex when he knows you don't want to do it, then there's a 80% chance hes going to leave you after you give him what he wants. were only teenagers we have plenty of years to fall in love with somebody, follow your other dreams before you follow your love life dreams, because only 5% of teen relationships last.

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