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January 21, 2011
By Alexandery BRONZE, Onamia, Minnesota
Alexandery BRONZE, Onamia, Minnesota
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Courage is not without fear.

One thing that keeps popping up around this time in my life is whom I admire the most. Sometimes that person could be dead, other times that person has to be alive, and still yet that person my be either dead or alive. Many times when I am asked this question, I have to sit and ponder about all of the people I know and whom I think to be worthy of my admiration. A lot of the time it is one of my grandparents, sometimes it is somebody at the group home in which I live.
Every now and then it is one of my friends who have done something that sticks out in my mind at the time I am asked this question. But one thing that I always to forget to look at is the support and backbone of my life. The person who has always been there and never turned away from me. They have stayed far beyond the expectation, past harsh times, sad times, and the occasional time filled with joy and happiness.
I often don’t give this person the credit that they deserve, or the respect they have earned. At times I try to take their success as my own. I try my hardest to out shine them. Try to make people see their strength and accomplishments, as if they were my own. I act as if I don’t need any help, even though it is not true. This person is by far the person that I admire the most. They have gone through thick and thin with me. They have lost a lot because of me. And now is the time that I let her know that I am more thankful then I have shown these last 10 years we have known each other.

The person I admire the most, is without any doubt my mother. Even though we are not related by blood, she has cared for me as one of her own. She made sure that I had the protection and guidance that I needed to become the person that I am. She is by far the most intelligent woman that I have ever met. And what she doesn’t know a lot about she seeks to find and answer, and opinion on it. She makes the most scrumptious food (it’s a surprise that she hasn’t opened a restaurant as a side job) that I have ever tasted.
She is supportive yet stern. Strong on her beliefs, and always up for a good argument. She is wise and cunning, funny, yet serious when needed. My mother is a good teacher and a very strong leader. She has given me more than I needed and plenty more than I deserve. She has guided me and you could say molded me into the young adult that I am. In times of struggles she has never left my side.
She doesn’t try and make up my mind for me but instead shares a convincing argument on her opinion of what to do. Even though I hate to admit it my mom is far more correct than me (most of the time.) She is always there when I need help. Even if it is just to talk to somebody, she is open for discussion.
My mom never leaves me in the dark. She has shined light on my life like nobody else could. She has taught me right from wrong and she has shown me the many values of life. My mother is strong willed and sharp in the mind. It seems as if she always has an answer to every question that I can think of asking. She is always right even when she is wrong. My mother is skilled and stunning. She holds me close, yet at a distance that is comfortable. She is understanding and receptive. She will listen before questioning my actions. My mother always knows what to do. She is by far the best person in my world. I have been blessed to know her, and it is to my greatest advantage to have her on my side.
My mom has never lost what she wanted to keep. She has all 15 of us to look after, and she never loses her nerve. She is as kind and sweet as candy, and she is good at everything she does. She can be harsh, but it is always been for my own good. She has often showed me the path to take, especially when I don't know which to choose. She is the one person that I can count on to have my back, when my reasoning is sound. I love her as my own mother. Even if I don’t show it, I can bet a hundred buck that she knows it. She is my mother and I am proud to be her son. Even though sometimes we don’t agree, I know she will never reject me. On a personal note she can be a pain, but in life it is always her I can count on to keep me sane. I only have one thing more to say, and that is something I have though long and hard on. Trying to find a more unique way. But simply is the quickest way cause I could go on forever describing what comes next. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love my mom and that will always be true. I admire her the most and that is not something new.

The author's comments:
During my composition class I was asked to do an assignment that was a series of articles about my high school experience so far. One of the articles that I chose was who I most admire in life. Not only is this article for that person but it is for every mother out there that is not appreciated for all of the hard work and all of the crap that they take care of.

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on Feb. 9 2011 at 3:25 pm
lolz np XD

on Feb. 9 2011 at 3:22 pm
Alexandery BRONZE, Onamia, Minnesota
1 article 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Courage is not without fear.

Wow Thanks


on Feb. 9 2011 at 3:17 pm
this is an amazeing article i love how intense it is XD 


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