January 9, 2011
By tmgags96 SILVER, New Boston, New Hampshire
tmgags96 SILVER, New Boston, New Hampshire
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To think that a heart, a simple heart, can accomplish so much, but at the same time destroy someone with just one of the two billion heartbeats we are given. The humming bird lives short life when their heart beats at the rapid pace of 10 times a second. Then you have to think well how beats a second do our hearts beat? If humans are capable of living to over 100 years old, do we really only get two billion?

How did the heart get its status in society anyways? How did we as society create the shape of the heart and the theory that our hearts hurt when we go through a sad situation? Do they actually hurt? I think that with all of the things that we strive to accomplish our little hearts get caught up in all of the “drama” of life. Or is it that it sounds better to say, “ That jerk broke my heart!” than saying “ That jerk broke my pancreas!”? I think that we forget that other people can get hurt to, but is it a cliché to say that it’s our hearts that hurt…

If you put your hand over your hand over heart, you can feel the steady beat. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi… If someone was to scare you or hurt you, your heart beat would speed up and slow again once the shock was over. Why did society choose the heart and not some other vital organ like the brain? It’s hard to say.

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