As Real As the Air You Breathe

January 1, 2011
By wannabeaphotogirl BRONZE, Forest, Virginia
wannabeaphotogirl BRONZE, Forest, Virginia
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Teenage love does exist. He looks into her eyes and others say, "Just the way he looks at you, you can tell he's in love." She smiles and hopes that you see it in her eyes. I have been in a relationship for a little over a year. Never once have we been broken up for a full day. Even adults can see we are in love. We are a couple that is loved by our teachers. One teacher even kept track of how long we had been dating. As we struggled through a rough spot I went to the guidance counselor. After finishing my story she said that I was making her tear up. Before she even met him she could tell we were in love. She looked at me and said, "I can tell you two are together for all the right reasons." A month or two after we started dating he said to me, "I didn't ask you out because I wanted sex. If I was set on that I would have left a long time ago. I knew before I asked you out that you were set on waiting." We've been together over a year, he's never asked for sex. He knows my secrets and my fears. I cried as my grandfather was in the hospital. He slowly moved in as if he was shielding me from the world around. I later found out he was because he knew the last thing I needed was for everyone to see me cry. He's made my friends his friends. He talks with them even when I'm not around. He's walked with my friend. He let another friend teach him to dance because dancing is her passion. Teenage love is as real as the air you breathe, it's just not as common. Your love should be a best friend. They should encourage and support you and lift you up to shine. I'm a high school student. At my sweet 16 there were four teenage couples that had been together for over a year. They have faced some of the same situations as adults, cancer, loss of loved ones, dislike and judgement from the world around them, some have battled self harm, all have faced trials and tears. The thing that is so real and impressive about teenage love from those who make it work is that when you are dating and things get hard you can easily walk away. You don't have to fear losing money or your house. There usually aren't lawyers and contracts. Real teenage love is making it work when you could so easily walk away.

The author's comments:
I write this because it's my life and I know the trials of teenage love. It deserves recognition for being as real as the air you breathe. I didn't believe in it until I found it.

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