December 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Hello. I'm Kat. I'm a girl. I like watching movies. I like listening to music. I like swimming in the summer, and having snowball fights in the winter. I like climbing trees, and occasionally falling out. I like people complimenting me, who doesn't? I'm also bisexual.

You had no problem reading that paragraph, did you? Until you got to the last sentence. That's when some of you decided that you either didn't like me, or didn't want to continue reading. But is it fair of you to judge me? You don;t know me. You don't know anything except what I have told you, and that isn't much. Why is it so wrong for me to say that I have a girlfriend? And that I hope I have found love. Why should I be different, or be hated for something I didn't choose.

A person is a person, right? Tall or short, fat or skinny, all colors, nationalities, names, faces. Still people. Why should a gender make a difference? I don't begin liking or loving someone because they are male or female. I don't care. I want the smiles, and the personality, and the looks we share. I want love, just like every person, and it doesn't matter to me if a girl or a guy is who I fall in love with, as long as they treat me right.

I know the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, but doesn't it also say to not judge people. Doesn't it say that you can't eat shellfish? Doesn't it say that you have to sacrifice animals? In today's world, that is frowned upon. Besides, man is full of sin, that is one of the biggest points in the Bible, correct? And the Bible was written, and re-written, and translated by men. So isn't it possible that mistakes were made, things were changed, or missrepresented?

For many of you, nothing I say or do will change your minds, but I'm not trying to. You all will believe what you want to, and that's okay. You are entitled to yur opinion. All I want is for you to think next time you judge a lesbian, or a gay, or anyone different. Would you want to be treated like that?

The author's comments:
All I want is people to read this all the way through. I didn't write this for you to post about how you agree, or disagree. I don't care if everyone decides to hate me after reading, as long as you read it. Give peace a chance.

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