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December 20, 2010
By Babybitchess BRONZE, Elmira, New York
Babybitchess BRONZE, Elmira, New York
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Ok here we go, the task? Write about a relationship with a guy/girl that was either really good, or turned out really bad. Alright, how about really confusing, or at least from my point of view. Now the hard part, which confusing relationship do I wanna write about? Let’s try my most recent relationship, Tom.

Well it all started out very fast and where am I now? Here, worrying about him. And where is he? In Grafton, being happy and not caring whether or not I am freaking out over his disappearance or he just doesn’t know. But anyway, back to my story. We actually met through a site called myyearbook and I will admit, I kinda liked him but I didn’t like him enough that I was willing to actually meet him in person. We had been talking for about two months before he even suggested that we hang out but I liked the image that he portrayed and I didn’t want him to turn out to be some kind of 30 year old rapist or something along those lines. So our relationship stayed virtual for a little while longer. It was late April when we finally did meet, but it wasn’t intentional. I had originally gone out to see a fight, of which I didn’t get to see by the way. I was sitting on the swings at the park with my best friend, Alex, when all of a sudden here comes my brother, Billy, with this odd looking kid that I know can’t be one of his weird friends. “mom wants you home after the fight ends” Billy said to me. I just nodded once and he took off leaving the kid that he had brought with him standing there, looking appalled. I looked up at him from the swings and shuddered a small “hi” and quickly looked away. I peered out of the corner of my eye at Alex with a “do you know this guy” kind of look. He just rolled his eyes at me and shrugged, great that means no. ok so let’s try a different approach. “Can I help you with something or are you here to watch the fight?” I said a bit too quietly. He seemed to have heard me and smiled. “You don’t know who I am do you?” he said slowly. He had a soft voice, an angled face that looked baby soft, and those eyes. My god, they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen, black as midnight, but with a soft side and they seemed to change color with his mood. I preferred to see them black, those were the eyes I could tell would make me fall for him, given the chance. I looked into them deeply and felt myself melting more every second. I couldn’t break my gaze with them no matter how hard I tried. “Are you going to answer my question?” damn he snapped me out of it, I was grateful for that but wow he was something else. “Huh? Oh sorry, I’m not with it today apparently.” I heard Alex stifle a giggle behind me and I shot him a “don’t even go there look”, I knew what he was thinking but I didn’t want him to say it just yet. “Do I know you, I might considering you seem oddly familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it.” That made him smile even more, “from yearbook.” Suddenly everything clicked, so this was the infamous Tom that I had been talking to for the past 2 1/2 months. I forgot that I told him I was coming here today; well there goes the element of surprise. I got up from the swing and gave him a hug, just trying to be nice, and he looked at me like I had 4 heads or something. I sat back down. Meanwhile Alex was looking very confused, “I’ll explain later” I said to him.

After about 10 minutes of small talk and me refreshing my memory, Alex decided that he was going to run home and grab his phone so we could check the time. I had gotten off the swing by now and was laying upside down inside the tunnel slide, talking to Tom. As soon as Alex was out of sight, Tom suggested that we go down by the river and talk, we still had a long time till everyone was going to be there. We left our bikes on the top of the bank and walked down the other side, I was trailing behind him ever so slightly but something in me wanted to run down the bank ahead of him. The river was calm and steady, the gentle current was just barely moving the water. I looked up at the sky, it was a perfect orange, kind of like the inside of a melon. With every step I took I could heard the rocks shifting under my feet, the leaves crunching from too much pressure put upon them. I saw a log about 2 feet from the water’s edge and walked over and sat on one end. Tom looked at me, he stood right in front of my view of the sun so it wasn’t blinding me. I pulled my jacket off my waist and put it on, as the breeze swept across my face. I shivered, the sun was about half set and the view was immaculate. He looked so perfect in this natural setting, he stood tall and proud, his back to the wind and shoulders at attention. He wore a black crew cut t-shirt, and camoflague pants that were tucked into his black steel-toed boots. He had a military cut and a vacant expression on his face as if he were trying to solve a puzzle. The glow from the sun seemed to etch its way around every inch of him and make it look as if he were heaven sent. I had seen this type before, but only in movies. I didn’t think this sort of thing actually happened to people, especially people like me. He walked over and sat behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist, then he spoke, “you know I was looking at you a moment ago, when the wind blew your hair back and I saw your face, you are truely beautiful in this light.” I felt myself blush all the way down to my toes, “you’re just saying that to make me happy.” “no, I mean it. You really are, if I didn’t know better I would think that you worked so hard on your image to impress people.” I sighed and turned to face him, he was looking at the river. “you know, that is the problem with so many people today, everyone wants to impress someone else, personally I could care less what someone thinks about me.” I looked down, afraid of his expression. He didn’t say anything, he just moved a lock of hair from my neck and placed it behind my ear. We looked at each other a moment, taking in the curves and textures of one another’s face. I looked back into his eyes, and I could see everything he was holding back. He wanted to love me, I could tell but he, just like I, had been in so many bad relationships that he was afraid to love. I could see the countless nights he must have spent crying, the hours he spent thinking, the undying desire to have someone love him as much as he does for them. I hoped this was a reality and not just a dream, I had finally found someone who was as willing to be with me as I was to be with him. We just were scared of getting hurt again. I ran my hand across his cheek and his eyes closed, the perfectly tanned skin there was just as soft as it looked. We sat in silence for a long time. But then he reached out and hugged me, he was so warm and even softer than I ever imagined a person could be. The thick scent that came off him was sweet, like chocolate mixed with fresh fruit. I inhaled it deeply and crushed myself closer to him. I wanted to stay like this all day, and when he let go, always a little too soon, I sighed and felt my face slip into a pout. He found that funny. By the time I had realized it, the sun had set and the sky was dark. I decided that we should go see if the fight was over and if it was then we would go back to my house to relax.

By the time we had gotten back to my house it had began to rain and both of us were soaked to the bone, but I didn’t really care. I was happy. To be perfectly honest I loved how the day was going, but I knew that I wasn’t out of the woods yet. I still had a long way to go to get him to trust me, part of me already trusted him but this was our first meeting and I was already comfortable around him so I knew that I couldn’t postpone us meeting.

The author's comments:
this piece is just a flashback of a few months ago and how me and my current fiance met.

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