Beauty and Love in The Eyes Of the Beholder

December 17, 2010
By , Holualoa, HI
Do you know that saying "It's adam and Eve, Not adam and Steve."? I'm sure you've heard it, every pastor, priest, hell even news broadcaster, has said it. My reply to that saying is "Ouch."
I thought that when our country finally realized that the color of your skin doesn't mean anything, they would also realize that that your love is the same. There is no difference between myself and a gay man.
So many voices have spoken about this. so many voices have been cut off. So many people have been denied important things because of the way they choose to love. You know how at hospitals theres a point were only family can visit? Well what happens when a man's husband can't get through to see him because legally they can't be together in that way? Any human with feelings can see where the wrong in that is.
Another question I would like to ask is. is there an actual law that says gay marriage isn't aloud, or is it just the fact that there isn't a law clearly saying that it's okay, because last I checked straight marriage didn't need it's own law. There is no difference because we are a country of freedom. Or so we where told. How can we say that we have a freedom of religion if we are stopping people in love because of the christian bible? I myself am a christian, but I'm also bisexual. Does that mean that I am lesser than you? Does this give you an absolute power over me that allows you to judge every action I take and, and every kiss I give. Love is difficult enough as it is. Maybe we could try to make it a little less difficult and let the beauty and love fall into the eyes of the beholder.

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t_hawk0824 said...
May 12, 2011 at 11:34 am
I agree with this. Great work!
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