December 1, 2010
By Wildcat85 BRONZE, Carroltton, Texas
Wildcat85 BRONZE, Carroltton, Texas
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Hmmmmm…… how can I put this in a good civil way… ok. Family is more important than videogames and girls. Don’t get me wrong, girls and videogames are awesome, but we really need to be focusing on family because it’s more important. Maybe you and your wife or your husband got married and you, him, or her got into an argument and yall decide to get a divorce. Then you’ll be lonely, sad, and maybe mad, but whose going to be there the most when you need it hmmmm…... let me guess……. oh yeah your family. Girlfriends and boyfriends can be great but when something happens and you fall down your family will be there to pick you up. Ok now let me get to these things we like to call videogame. Well I heard about these things, hey my friends play them all the time, well since there so important in your life, and you love them then why do they make you spend so much money on them. Trust me if they loved you then they wouldn’t do that and they sure wouldn’t, get overheated and break. But in one point of your life you will always need your family.

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This is about my life

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