Plainly Platonic

November 27, 2010
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They say that to hate someone, you would have had to love them first or you wouldn’t hate them at all. I see all around me, mostly in girls, that they fall head over heels in love with a guy, then they get their hearts broken and they hate him. They try to forget him, and they use all their energy to hate him, when if you put an emotion to someone, you would have to care about them enough to make that statement. It’s a never ending cycle of love and hate, but where does it stop?
I don’t think that someone who doesn’t care about me should get the benefit of me caring enough to have me put thought in what I think of them. Seeing as I care about them as much as they care about me, I find it perfectly acceptable to think of them as plainly platonic.
If you don’t follow me, I’ll give you an analogy. Say you had a crayon, but a better one came along. If you hate that old crayon then you would have loved it at one point or you wouldn’t think twice about it, it would plainly a mutual feeling of absolutely nothing. Now to put that into human form, if you had a boyfriend but he kissed another girl, if you loved him you would hate him but if you didn’t love him then it wouldn’t matter. You wouldn’t think twice about him, the feeling toward him would be plainly a mutual feeling of absolutely nothing.
Why take the time to hate something so much, instead of just forgetting it, because in your mind you never truly loved it?

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