No excuses, no second chances , no regrets

November 25, 2010
By Raye74 SILVER, Newnan, Georgia
Raye74 SILVER, Newnan, Georgia
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"trying to forget the past is throwing away the present"

We can try to forget the past, and have a new begining. Run from the memories, the terrors of our past. We can act as if we dont have a history but no matter how hard, how desperatly, we want to forget the memories will always be lurking in the back of our minds, haunting us, reappearing every chance they get. Maybe its a sign, when two forgein lovers cant escape thought of each other.Maybe its a sign showing hope that the once strong relationship will regain full strength and potential.. but how will we know if we tried to replace the memories with false ones? Wont the good ones remain false also? Wont the hugs, kisses,and all the 'i love you's' be replaced with screaming, tears, and bruises like they were originally meant to be? Why are we trying to run away from them ? Dont you get it ?If two shall love each other they will not forget .We can act new and forgien or we can accept that whats done is done .Its over. Nothing we can do can take back the fights , the tears, or the lies. If its meant to be we will both be able to see the error in our ways and come together. It's your choice.

Have me now as i am or have me never

no excuses , no second chances , no regrets

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