November 11, 2010
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Alright. To my fellas and my ladies...let me let you all know that 'lust ain't love.' To clearify my view and remove your doubts, I'll repeat. That boy or girl that tells you, "Baby, you're my number one. I am madly in love with you," is lying through his/her teeth. They might say, "You know I love you. You're so gorgeous. I can't stand to be away from you." Well, don't believe it! Run! Far! Those kinds of people only want one thing and only have one goal. Once they get, that 'thing,' they'll be gone with the blow of the wind. Many people readily confuse lust and love. I did it myself. They seem so alike, but their so different. Lust is when an individual wants something they can't have...whether that is a person or thing. is...heaven and hell. Love is loving, kind, patient, sincere, and naive. But love is true and forever. Lust isn't. So...what are the signs that you're in lust and not in love?
1.) You daydream about your significant other's face and kiss, as oppose to their conversation and personality.
2.) They have mentioned sex to you several times before, and you want it too...if not for anything but to shut them up.
3.) You dislike them as a person. (Big no no...)
4.) You began liking them when you were at a vulnerable time in your life.
*5.) You want them because you think or know you can't have them!!!
So ladies and fellas, I hope I have enlightened you all today or tonight. (Whichever) Just remember that just because you like or love someone else doesn't mean they like or love you back. I know it hurts to admit, but you have to be willing to let go.
That's a wrap for now folks. 'Lust ain't love,' and 'crack ain't heaven.' So the next time your significant other comes around saying, "I love you," 24/7. Tell them, "Do you really? Do you really?"

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