October 21, 2010
By Carmen Frederick BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Carmen Frederick BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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There is this place I have often dreamed about where the grass is greener and the sky is bluer. It seems like I have been there a million times before but then you start to lose yourself, you start believing that it’s real. In this world no one is afraid of anything, everyone’s honest, loving your neighbor as yourself is taken to the next level, no one is full of greed, everyone is gracious, you can leave the house without worrying weather or not you left the door unlocked, there is no such thing as having a bad day, when your loved ones leave they come back the same as when they left. This world is everything that floats between dreams, fantasy, and reality. This blissful wonderland is charmed.

This new world we all hope for, can be achieved if we all care for each other. What if we have one day, or maybe even a year when we all cared for each other the way we should. We may see the day when no hearts are broken and no feelings are demolished. All our friends would leave each day behind and still be our friends. Our problems would be left in the past of that day, and not stay with us for an eternity. We would all tell the people we love that we love them instead of procrastinating until it’s too late. To savor those moments that could never be replaced, and to love every moment of them.

But, we all don’t live in a world without fear or threat. Life is a chance to “grow a soul”. Take it or leave it, life is a once in a lifetime chance, I would give it a chance. So weather you live in wonderful world, or a tragic one, send a little smile to everyone you see, it may just start the evolution to a new world, and who knows this new world may turn out to be a blissful wonderland.

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