Best Friends

October 20, 2010
These two words have more than just two meanings. It’s the promise of a lifetime commitment to people who understand you a bit more than you understand yourself. It’s surrounding yourself with the people who only strive to lift you higher. It’s that rare bond between a group of people that see your weaknesses as strengths, and that every flaw can only make you better. Best Friends are those people that thrive off each other’s positive energy and cope with the negative. They never turn their backs in times of struggle or envy in times of gratitude. They selflessly love one another because not everyone in the world can say they have a best friend. Not everyone can reach out and always have someone’s hand to hold. Best Friends share a common bond that could never be broken. It entitles one to have courage, faith, generosity, loyalty, a tendency to be silly, and never ending love. Having Best Friends takes away the feeling of ever being lonely because you know no matter what they’re always gonna be there. Best Friends are there during smiles, laughs, tears, and fears. They continue to push each other to grow into the best person they will become. They mold and shape you who you are today and leave a handprint on your heart. Best Friends are the crazy Friday nights, lazy Sunday afternoons, and always just a phone call away.

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