October 20, 2010
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My memorable person is no other than my beloved Tammi Lyn. She reminds me of an angel. Her voice so soothing that every time I hear it my heart starts to melt. It brings memories flushing back to thought, one in particular was way back when we first meet and at that time I really hadn’t gone to her house much. We watched movies and the one that really stuck out the most was” Phantom of the Opera” because she knew every word of it. It was so cute and she sung so beautifully. I will never forget the first night we watched that movie. She is also enthusiastic, funny and so kind. She brings happiness, even on a dark rainy day. When I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom, she always finds a way to make me laugh. Her hair, soft like a petal from a rose, but the color reminds me that of a fairytale princesses, golden brown. Her eyes are so phenomenal. There paralyzing, when looked at you are trapped by a mysterious feeling something you can’t escape from. When she’s not around I can always see her playing her favorite game Sims 3 she can be there for hours on end .she might not admit it but she’s an addict, I’m thinking about putting her into group. She usually does this at her house in her crappy computer room that looks like it once was used to keep farm animals in. now days if you want to see her, you should go to school were she is working hard to get excellent grades. So many times I have looked into her eyes and saw happiness and my future with her.

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