I Love You Lie

October 17, 2010
By aimeelizabeth11 BRONZE, Bryant, Arkansas
aimeelizabeth11 BRONZE, Bryant, Arkansas
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“I love you,” he says. My heart gently races, but a slow caution comes over me. Two weeks? Is it to soon? Sure, we have been talking on and off for a year. I know I have never felt this way about a guy before; it has to be love. As Taylor Swift says, “When your fifteen and someone tells you they love you your gonna believe them.” True, the more he said it, the more I believed it. In the end, what I thought was love was a lie.

Every I love you comes with why. Why do you love me? Why did you say you loved me? Why did you break up with me?

The phrase has lost its shine in today’s society. Boys throw the phrase around as much as they do a football. The overuse has turned into an everyday word just like hello. Young girls have gotten themselves lost in the phrase. At fifteen, boys do not want to marry you. They do not want to spend eternity with you. They are just saying the simple phrase because they realize it makes girls happy. Young girls are just beginning high school with so much of their life ahead of them. Why get lost in a phrase with your whole life ahead of you?

Then there is the stupidity of a girl in love. Yes, he cheated on you but he didn’t love that other girl– it was just an accident. Of course, he swears up and down he wont, but he will do it again. She will always take him back because they are “in love.” At such a young age, I don’t understand why a girl would continually put herself through the pain, the all-nighters crying and the continuous emotional roller coaster. Why do girls constantly put up with the heart break? If he loved you, wouldn’t he not want to hurt you.

I am not trying to say young girls are stupid. The phrase has many different meanings to guys and girls. Girls get lost in the love of forever. Boys don’t necessarily mean it that way. At fifteen, the boy just thinks the girl is pretty, and he thinks, hey it must be love. I don’t think guys realize the power of the phrase, and what young girls take from it. It is better just not said.

There are guys who don’t realize what girls take from the phrase. Then there is guys who abuse it. The bad seeds always seem to use it as move of a manipulating device. They know what they feel, and it isn’t love. Theses guys use it as a pole, to pick at girls to give them what they want. The overuse and misuse the phrase.

The phrase brings so many attachments. Love, it makes girls feel good. Girls should wait till they are mature to understand when the word is meant and misused. I love you is eight letters, but so is bullshit.

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writerssoul said...
on Dec. 16 2010 at 10:19 pm
writerssoul, One, Delaware
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totallty true. btw loved the last sentence!!:)


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