That One Girl..

October 8, 2010
Have you ever found that one girl, completely opposite, but yet seems so perfect? You found yourself falling, wanting too be with her? Even though you guys barely talked and you know who each other are, since you been in school for a few years together now? I think I've found that girl. Blonde, blue-eyed beauty, short, bubbly cheerleader. She's always on my mind somehow, and her and I just recently started talking..she had found out that I was starting too like her. Even though I knew from the beginning she still straight up said, "Not interested." I thought I could get over it, obviously not. But it's just that one girl...that one girl who is opposite from my dark hair, brown eyes, tall, and open yet silent personality. Have you ever had that one girl? The one you couldn't get over? If you have, leave me a comment of your story. I'd love too know that I'm not alone <3

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