Same Sex Marriage

October 12, 2010
By Alice-the-awesome GOLD, Middletown, California
Alice-the-awesome GOLD, Middletown, California
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In my point of view there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with same sex marriage. And honestly why should it matter to anyone else? It's not your life. It's their life. It makes no sense to me why people even care, but seriously if your partner is suddenly the same sex as you are, would you just drop them on a street and abandon them? If so then you don't truly love them. Now as an adult, you're reading this asking your self what does this little fourteen year-old girl know anything about love? Fine you caught me. I've never been kissed by any guy or girl. But why should that matter to you? Besides only going after one side of the fence, so to speak, it limiting your chances of finding true love. I believe that that love knows no boundaries, and honestly if I found myself falling in love with a girl or boy I wouldn't care what sex they are, love, is love.

I have many bisexual friends, my best friend, my cousin, and 2 other friends of mine. They're all girls. And when they talk about a girl they've kissed it doesn't bother me one bit. And now you're saying aren't you bisexual too? No, not necessarily. My first choice and a partner is a male, hands down, but if I fell in love with a girl, I wouldn't freak out or something, I would accept it and take a chance with said girl. In my point of view the most romantic couples I've seen are same sexed. Their so happy and care free, the stares of shock and disgust don't phase them. If anything the shock and disgust makes them closer. They share the hurt, and comfort one another, and you can see that when they just walk by you holding hands.

If I've offended you and your beliefs well then I'm sorry, I guess, but seriously, there isn't anything wrong with same sex marriage. If were banning same sex marriage, then why don't we just ban marriage in general? And as if it will make a difference banning it, same sex couples can still wear rings people! And all marriage does is give a pretty piece of paper. I know its and important thing to some people in same sex couplings, but why not just pick a date wear dresses or tuxes, and say how much you care about each other and have someone say 'you may now kiss the bride/husband'. You can invite your family and have them there too.

And to the families who have a member who is into the same sex and is shunned. You make the word 'family' disgraced. As a family your supposed to support one another, shunning one member because of what sex the person they love is one the most cruel things a family can do. You're hurting them far more than you think, hence the suicide ratings in the gay and lesbian community.

Again, this is MY point of view, and while I hope this made you rethink same sex marriage if you're against it, I mean no offense. What I do urge you to do is, not to just follow the influence of what other people think about it, but to think about it yourself. And if you just might happen to find that that you think same sex marriage is a no-no, then fine, but if you find you agree with me then, sweet! Wanna be BFF's? ;)

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