Classic High School

October 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Isis and Donnie had been going to the Classic High School of the unknown together for years. They dating for five years but Donnie have a secret. One day when Isis was walking home from school she saw the darkness. The Darkness took the form of her boyfriend Donnie and took her in the cold shadows of December. They wander through the forest, and then he put her down and said, “I know that you want an explanation”. Isis, “Yes” “I mean what the h is going on”. Donnie, “I am the darkness”. Isis, I can see that”. Donnie, “I made a deal with the deal.” Isis, “What deal?” “Why” Donnie, “So that you can be a vampire and live forever.” “And that’s why we have to get to the queen of December.” So, they were about to see the queen and the devil came out and get Isis. And the hurt was on.

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