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October 7, 2010
By Navy_Baby011 GOLD, Lithonia, Georgia
Navy_Baby011 GOLD, Lithonia, Georgia
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Being in a relationship feels like a certain weight have been lifted of your shoulders in a way that only you can explain. It feels like finally, someone other than yourself understands you that no one else could. They tell you that you're beautiful and hold your hand when you're together. Every thing just feels right-complete even. Ever wondered what really goes on in your partner's head? Ever wondered what they are doing when you're not around? Who are they talking to and in what kind of way they are talking? If they are thinking about you or not? Though you may think this way when they're not around, you wonder- a wondering mind gives great insight. Wanting to ask these questions to your partner but you fear that your partner may think that you don't trust them. A healthy relationship must have trust generating it for this "love" to work. So in all, you keep silent. Yes, you want the answers but are you truly ready for them to be revealed? For there is a chance that you will be left heartbroken in the process, or that all of your worries just really pushed your love away from you. Thinking that it may be your fault that they did this. Relationships are confusing. There isn't one relationship that haven't had there ups and downs, only true love will strive to make everything work out in both of you guys favor. So ask your self this question, are you really in love? Do you trust your partner hundred percent? Even when you're not around 24/7 watching his/her every move, do you believe that he/she is making the right decision? Are you the only one?

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on Oct. 15 2010 at 2:27 pm
I can agree with this and disagree. The questions I think are healthy to ask. I mean maybe to a certain extent is might be too much, but if you are in a relationship with someone why would you fear to ask them certain things. The part that I agree with you is that everyone should have trust in every relationship. It's the only healthy route, and it's a way to be happy instead of being sad all the time.


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