Love is not a fairytale...and that's ok.

September 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I read an article written on teen ink today written by a girl that is mad that teenagers used the words “I love you” too often. She raised some valid points. People do use those three words. I agreed with her when she said, "To love someone you need to give up everything and anything for him or her." I did have issues however with some of her other points.

I am the child of a rough marriage. I have witnessed failed and broken marriages all my life. Currently, yes I would say that I’m in love. Love is not a possession though. We cannot choose to be in love, we cannot take it with us, and we cannot leave it behind. It comes and goes as it pleases like the tide of the ocean. Love solves all. More importantly love conquers all. You cannot judge if you’re in love. There’s no court that will go through the evidence and decide wither or not you have found your one true love. It is all about your heart and your soul. And what you feel. No one outside of your relationship can tell you if you’re in love. It doesn’t work like that.

My last issue is with the statement, “There’s someone out there for everyone.” THIS is a fairytale notion. People who believe this either have never found anyone, or are just hoping the perfect girl or boy will come along and swoop them off their feet one day. The truth is love is, above all things, a game. It’s give or take. It’s day by day. You fall in and out of love with someone like you fall in and out of love with Oreo’s and milk. You take what you get when it comes to people. No ones going to match your perfect description. Find something inside of them that you truly. Deeply love, and hold on to it. That’s the only way love works. Hold on to it like a life vest in the raging seas. Some people can, some people cannot. There are no fairytales. Only life. Gritty and real. You can only expect the unexpected, and roll with it as it comes.

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