Love is kind in a way

September 21, 2010
By mlm1992 GOLD, Brownwood, Texas
mlm1992 GOLD, Brownwood, Texas
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Do let anything bring you down, all you have to do is forget about it and move on with life

What is love?
Love is a feeling that people get. Some people love is real and other's its fake. Love has to be from the heart. Not from just saying it. Girls will mean it. When their hearts know it's. Some guys will mean it as well. Love is pure and real. Guys don't need to play around with that emotions of a girl heart. Then that is when she will get attached to the guy. Love isn't a emotion to play around. Cause if someone loves you alot and you may not, better not led that person on. When you led someone heart to you have to them on how you feel. Love hurt's espically when you get your heart broken, and by the one you gave it to. Whenever you guys talk it makes you wonder if it will work out again. As you know that the second time you love that person it might not work. That's when you know that love is dead. Love is a feeling that will go on then other's. So don't give up on love. You will find someone that will make you smile like that other person did.

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