"Never trust the person that helps put the peices of your back together, because their always the fi

September 12, 2010
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"Never trust the person that helps put the peices of your heart back together, because their always the first one to break it."

I never listen to my own advice, and i never will it just doesn't work for me. I should of listened to my friends when they told me to leave my current ex alone. She is my poision the thing that could kill me in the end. Our love affair first started when i decided to do the whole online relationship thing.(bad idea). She was charming when we first met not the prettiest thing but beautiful in my eyes because i thought i saw through to her heart. I'd been hurt before girl after girl, boy after boy. It was a never ending cycle that i thought would never end until her. i thought that she was my only exception like paramore's song i thought that she would be the one girl that i would finally open up to and fall in love...Yes, the relationship was good the first couple of monthes. But then she turned on me she became distant, less loving towards me and cheated on me towards the end of the relationship. Yes, i stayed with the beautiful girl and thought that hey if i stay maybe she will love me even more and never do it again because she relizes how important i am to her. But she didn't about 2 weeks later she stoped talking to me and became even more distant than before....just this morning i went on facebook to post i love you and i found out that she was no longer mine to hold. My girlfriend was now someone elses girlfriend...Yes, my heart is broken but i now realize that it doesn't matter if you never cheat, never lie, and always cater to your significant other. That people will always be ungreatful. Love doesn't love anyone but it's self.

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Rockieeee said...
Sept. 15, 2010 at 8:14 am
I Agreeee Withh Youuu. Thee Personn Thatt Youuu Lovee Thee Mostt They Alll Seeems Tooo Brakee Yourr Hearttt':/
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