Forever We Will Stay

August 12, 2010
How do you describe love? Some people choose to believe it only belongs in fairy tales. So people think that it only exists with those that look for it or decide on it. But other people choose to believe that its something that everyone deserves no matter who they are. And so on and so forth everyone can give you some long explanation about how they fell in and out of love as a teen young adult and adult, they can tell you stories that they think were so amazing and wonderful. Some people spend years writing about made up love stories and how they picture love or how they want it to happen to them. Well in my opinion this is all retarded. Do you hear of people being locked in a tower and being rescued by there prince charming? No it’s made up why would someone decide that as romantic? Generations before us say love was different for them and how we over use the word love. So what if we do, what if for some reason we all just have some hope for falling in love, come on everyone no matter who they are just want to be loved by someone anyone. Me personally would probably go insane if I didn’t have my boyfriend the one sole on this earth that makes me feel beautiful and special. Is that what it is? I do believe that some people over use the word love, because they don’t know what it means, or what it is. I believe that it is something that god gave us a present, but one that he doesn’t want us to take for granted and know that if you think you love someone and don’t it could hurt. But if you truly love someone and they truly love you than you will be with them forever. Love is always going to be argued about, it’s going to change lives for better or worse. It’ll always be argued on how love is pictured through out the generations but I know that for as long as I live that love is special and god only intended it to be given to those who deserve it and that every person has a sole mate!

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