Three Little Words

July 17, 2010
By kewdee GOLD, Kaysville, Utah
kewdee GOLD, Kaysville, Utah
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Why is it that people say ‘I love you’, but when you ask them what the words mean they act like you’re speaking French to them? I really don’t understand why that is. It seems like when a guy says he loves a girl he really has no idea what he’s saying, but that’s what they do in books, on tv, and in all the movies, so it must be what you’re supposed to do. But they don’t understand why they’re supposed to do it, and that’s the problem. Girls are bad about this too. Everyone says those three little words with no thought behind them. I’ve always believed in never saying anything that I don’t know what it means, but I never thought about having that same philosophy with the phrase ‘I love you’. But after taking with my father I realized that I too don’t really know what it means. So my question is, does anyone really know what those words mean? I mean does anyone honestly know what they mean when they say ‘I love you’ or is it just a phrase that we’ve been told to say because it’s what we’re supposed to do, so we just do it without any thought? I don’t think that the answer lies in any book or in any resource that you can hold, I think that a person has to go and discover it for themselves before they can share it. They really have to be told ‘I love you’ and have it be told to them by a person who knows what they’re saying before they say it to anyone else. Words are power, and these three words especially hold tremendous power that many don’t comprehend when they first say them, but they hold the power none the less, and it’s a power that shouldn’t be used until you understand what it is.

The author's comments:
Recently my boyfriend broke up with me and my father and I were talking about the meaning of these words, and I thought it was something that everyone in the world should think about.

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